Turtle Moon NAFC (Native American Flute Circle) is a free community organization for anyone who wants to listen, play or learn about Native American-style flutes. We are family-friendly and do not discriminate. Everyone is welcome (flutists of all skill levels, poets, dancers, accompanists, listeners). Plus you don’t need to own a flute to attend; we provide borrowing flutes and free beginner instruction.

The Flute

The Native American Flute is the most authentic way to make music, with an instrument designed to the proportions of the human body, tuned to a scale where there are no wrong notes, crafted so you only have to bring the instrument to your mouth… simple and pure. If you can breathe, you can make music. Our motto is, “We Hear You,” so please join us for some beautiful, healing music.

“Turtle Moon” name

Established July 15, 2015 at Blue Marsh Lake, our name comes from the Tulpehocken watershed which the Lenape Indians named “land of the water turtles.” People always ask us how we came up with the “moon” in our name. The turtle shell was used as a Moon calendar by the American Indians, having 13 plates in the center (13 moons in a year) and 28 plates around the perimeter (28 days in a month).

Monthly Meetings

At our meetings we share our love for Native American flute by playing heartsong — spontaneous music from the heart without reading sheet music or memorization. It’s so easy, you could do it too. We also try out tips and techniques to improve our musicianship, add background tracks, play percussion or harmony instruments, and schedule guests to perform or facilitate. As a bonus we have a trading blanket with new or outgrown instruments looking for a new home.

Workshops and Special Events

We offer flute-crafting workshops, rhythm instrument workshops, focus group activities, community presentations, pow wow performances, open mic entertainment and fundraising opportunities.

We also teach private lessons, group lessons, and schedule introductory home parties by appointment.

Our Intention

  • To communicate through music
  • To honor the history and ancestry of Native American flute and its people
  • To share, teach, learn, improve, understand and respect each other through our love of native musical instruments


We gladly accept any and all donations for the benefit of our Flute Circle. If you would like to sponsor our circle or host an event please contact us. Thank you for your continued support!

We hope our flute circle, music and workshops help to create beautiful vibrations in your life.

Meet the Organizers…

Donna Luhrs


Donna Luhrs was raised in Reading, PA by a musical family and has a formal music education, but the simplicity of the Native American-style flute has captured her heart. She passionately shares her flute making, flute playing, and flute teaching with anyone who crosses her path in sacred, healing, and entertainment settings. Donna is a mother of two plus two (2 humans, 2 cats), and when not fluting you can find her at Berks Bards, Ukelele Meetups, Berks Photographic Society, or digging in her vegetable garden.

Helena Bunker


Helena Bunker (Sinking Spring, PA resident), master gardener, lover of all things growing, all things new, ventured into the world of Native flute in 2015 at our circle’s formation and has not slowed down since. She serenades her family at holiday gatherings, plays healing music for friends in hospice, and even commissions transcription of favorite songs into NAF tablature. Helena shares her artistry and talent through masterfully designing and sewing one-of-a-kind custom flute bags. Rarely at home, she is a dedicated swimmer, yoga practitioner, and travels often to extended family gatherings.

Vickie Dash


Vickie Dash, collage artist, joins us from Zion Grove, PA. Oneness with nature and trees connects her deeply to all of her exquisite wooden flutes. She took lessons with Jan Seiden and at Flute Haven Native Flute School, yet plays intuitively with heart and soul that is uniquely and soothingly all her own. A master at crafting rhythm instruments from wood and bone, she brings to us her sensitivity and shares eagerness, merged with patience, for teaching us how to tap into our creativity. Vickie designed our logo art.


Find out more about us and our flute-related activities by reading our blog posts.

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