Ever wonder Where you can go to find out What? We can help you with that. Many times online links are moved or broken so we recommend you Google “Native American Flute” and/or the following keywords…


World Flute Society: Premier Organization with Quartly Publication, Annual Convention, free sheet music, directory of flute circles, flute makers, instructors, listing of flute festivals and events… more! Turtle Moon Native American Flute Circle is a proud member.

Flute Tree Foundation: Fibonacci Song Mapping ― make up songs using the  numbers or the letters in your name — plus many other resources

Flutopedia, Native Flute School and FluteCast: Three Clint Goss sites which include a Comprehensive Native American Flute Encyclopedia, Annual Facilitator’s Workshop, plus Videos for learning tips and techniques, and also Poetry for the Native American Flute compiled by Clint Goss

Music for People: Improv workshops for everyone — discover your inner musician

Music in the Moment: Weekly improv gatherings with facilitator Ron Kravitz

Hawkeye’s Nest: hand-carved flute making demonstrations by established branch flute maker, Val Kobrin

Area Flute Circles: all within two hours drive from Reading, listing for PA, DE, MD

Pennsylvania Pow Wows meet throughout the year; some outdoor favorites are Muddy Run Pow Wow, Adamstown Intertribal Pow Wow (Discontinued), and Roasting Ears of Corn Festival. We compiled list of Pow Wows in PA, DE, and MD (Please verify dates prior to attending)

Articles to Read

Cascadia Flute Circle: Wonderful articles and educational materials plus videos list of Native American themed media

The Flute Portal: Forum and Blog

Native American Flute guidebook by Roger Bennett of Redbird Flutes

Guide to Most Popular Flute Keys: Chart by Steven Schafersman

Playing Modes on the Native American Style Flute, and Matching Keys With Other Instruments by Ivan Iriarte

Backing Tracks

My Darn Jam Tracks and Fuzzville: YouTube Channels — free Jam Tracks with which to improvise playing popular flute keys

Stephen DeRuby Rhythms to Accompany the Native Flute: Rhythm accompaniment CD — play using any and all flute tunings, sample 3 minutes of Stephen DeRuby nature sounds on YouTube

Clint Goss Native American Flute Tracks: CD background jam tracks for most popular flute keys — feel like a professional performer but without the stage fright

Jonny Lipford Music Backing Tracks: Free Spirit instrumental music tracks with each song transposed to every key plus ambient music backing tracks in every key Hundreds of free Jamtracks, pick your own key, genre, tempo or groove, user star rated free customized files, pick your own key, includes favorites Amazing Grace and House of the Rising Sun plus Christmas songs — need account to log in for free downloads


Native American Music Awards: Listen to award winning music, free downloads Listen to Stream 7 Pow Wow music continuous feed

Kunaki: Upload music and publish your own CD

Sacred Spirit/Sacred Earth Drums by David and Steve and Gordon, with Native American Flute, sounds of nature, Incan pan pipes, plus drums and percussion, two hours continuous music on YouTube


Oregon Flute Store: flute-related products

The Flute Case Store: Hard flute cases

Songbird Ocarinas: Eagle bone flute ceramic replica

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